Student Branches

Our Student Credit Union Branches are fully functioning credit union locations where high school students are employed to serve the financial needs of fellow students. Students who join become members of Westmoreland Community FCU and can enjoy checking, savings and loan products especially designed for them. Learn more about our Student Branches here.

By joining your Student Credit Union Branch you become a part owner of Westmoreland Community Federal Credit Union with other members. Credit Unions pay profits back to account holders, so you’ll earn more for your savings and pay less to use the services. 

Borrowing money should be a well-thought out plan. When you make your Credit Union the first stop, you’ll be better prepared to make those big decisions and get those most for your hard-earned money.

Westmoreland Community’s Cha-Ching! Teen Saver’s Club is designed for teens between the ages of 11 & 17 years old. This club allows teens to learn the basics of saving, spending & budgeting.


A “Save Day” is a designated day for students to deposit into their Cha-Ching! Account at school. If the student completes all 8 months of the school program the Credit Union will deposit a Bonus into their account!